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Welcome to class 5W at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Ms Wright, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Super Science and Shout outs!

In science, our new topic is Earth and Space. This week, we have been researching our favourite planet and presenting it in a way we choose. Take a look at some of our original ideas. Can you spot your poster or fact file below?

TT Rockstars this week are Kamilla, Kitty, Rohan, Jemima, Tara, Zara, Rohan, Bobby, Grace D, Lucy and Armands. Great job guys – keep it up!!

Lexia legends this week are Roxy, Grace D, Lucy, Kitty, Grace S, Aleena, Jemima, Nihal and Zara – great job everyone.

Great work in 5W and shout outs!

This week in 5W, we begun our new topic Pole to Pole. We compared the Arctic and Antarctic and began researching all things Antarctica! The weather allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in our topic – take a look at some great work below!

Super Shackleton work – we begun researching Ernest Shackleton AKA ‘The Boss’ and his wonderful achievement. Take a look at some of the fact files below.

Kamilla’s factfile.

We also researched Antarctica and began collecting facts for our non-chronological report, take a look at some of our fact files. Take a look at some examples below!

TTRockstars this week are Kamilla, Leah, Bobby, Zara, Jemima, Kitty, Grace D and Armands – well done I am really proud of you all!!

Lexia legends this week are Jemima, Roxy, Grace D, Kitty and Zara. Well done! Keep it up!

Final three chapters of The Girl of Ink and Stars and shout outs for the first week of home learning!

Here are the final 3 chapters of The Girl of Ink and Stars – it is an exciting end! The three chapters are across to videos. Happy listening!

Well done to all of those who have completed their home learning for this week.

The Lexia Legends for this week are: Lucy, Kitty, Aleena, Leesha Armands, Jemima and Zara.

TTRockstars this week are below – well done to those children! I am very proud.

First week of home learning in 5W

I am so impressed with the children in 5W this week, they have adapted brilliantly to the new national lockdown and home learning and have completed some brilliant work. They have also been completing some well-being and mindfulness activities. Take a look below.

Jake thought about things that made him calm.
Slider image

Leesha made a comfort box.

Slider image
Slider image
Roxy completed some mindfulness Yoga.
Grace completed a colouring of a koala, what a great mindfulness activity!
Jemima made a Robot with her Grandad – this is very impressive!