Remembrance day and FArTHER.

At the beginning of this weeks blog, I think it is really important to celebrate Lesha! Amazingly, she has achieved grade 1 piano performance with distinction! We are all so impressed and proud of you Lesha – you are amazing! Keep up the great work!

This week in our whole class reading sessions, we have looked at the book FArTHER. Initially, we worked in groups to infer what the pictures in the book may be able to tell us about the characters and their relationship. Next, we looked at creating a possible dialogue between the father and his son, after he was drafted into war. The children linked this learning to Athenian men, who could be called upon to join their army between the age of 25-50. Finally, we summarised the story into 5 key points, so that it would be easy to retell the story to someone who may have never read it before. Take a look at our work below!

Remembrance day activities.

Alongside the two minute silence, we looked at an illustration of a possible fallen soldier and responded with a short burst paragraph about possible scenarios he may have come across. The children had some brilliant and respectful ideas and I was really proud of this. Take a look below.

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