Brilliant work in 5W and shout outs!

We have been very busy in 5W this week, we have been writing our diary entries from the perspective of Ernest Shackleton or Len Hussey, creating posters to warn about the dangers of sun in science and thought about the impact of climate change on Antarctica in geography. Take a look and some brilliant work below – can you spot your work?

Shout outs

TTRockstars this week are: Nihal, Aleena, Bobby, Roxy Grace D, Lucy, Leah, Ava, Zuhaib, Armands, Kitty, Jemima, Yawar, Kamilla and Zara. I am so proud of you all – well done!!

Lexia legends this week are: Grace D, Lucy, Zuhaib, Grace S, Bobby, Armands, Kitty, Jemima, Yawar and Zara! Well done!!

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