We have had an imaginative and creative week in 5W this week, we have delved into the Ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices and reflected on our topic (migration) and thought about how feathers and birds are a symbol of freedom, peace and justice. Take a look at what we have been up to below!

First, we explored a remake of Tutankhamun’s tomb and analysed some of the sources found inside, making a note of all the things we could learn about the pharaoh and the Ancient Egyptians – take a look below:

We then learnt about the mummification process and completing the steps ourselves.

Step 1 – Wash the body and remove the brain (ewwww)

Step 2: Remove the organs and place in the canopic jars

Step 3: Dry the body in natron salt for 40 days and prepare the death mask

Step 4: Wrap the mummy in dried linen (or in our case – toilet roll)

Step 5: Add any lucky amulets and the death mask and you have yourself a mummy!

In Art, we reflected on the process of migration and how this can be represented through birds and their lack of boundaries, we then created observational drawings of wings and feathers – the results were amazing! Take a look!

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