Refugee and Healthy Eating week in 5W!

It has been another busy week in Year 5, as it has been both Healthy Eating Week and Refugee Week. We have enjoyed zoom calls with speakers from The National Archives and Amnesty International. In which, we built upon our knowledge of refugees and looked at sources to decipher what children from the Basque region may have experienced when they were evacuated in 1937. The children enjoyed these talks very much and really applied their historical enquiry skills – they made their teachers very proud. In addition, the children made Chapatis, which helped them to understand the process of making food from other cultures and allowed them to practise their kneading and rolling skills in DT.

Take a look at the children making Chapatis!

Here are some photographs of the children enjoying the tasks and the workshop delivered by a spokesperson for The National Archives!

1 thought on “Refugee and Healthy Eating week in 5W!

  1. Did you all enjoy making and tasting the chapatis?
    It looks like all the children were really engaged in this topic with lots going on.
    Well done 5W

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