5SW stories…

In 5SW this week, we have used our knowledge of rivers to create a story for KS1 children. The children chose how they wanted to present their work – take a look below!

Work in 5SW this week.

The Sing Up song of the week this week is:

Raise My Voice


This week in 5SW, we have been planning our river themed stories for KS1 children. The children have had some very creative and inspirational ideas and I am so proud and very excited to read them next week!

In science we have been looking at life cycles, the children drew a life cycle of their chosen animal – take a look below.

In school this week, my bubble and I have had an around the world theme. The children selected a country they would like to visit, created a brochure and convinced each other to travel to their countries. We also looked at co-ordinates and then had a co-ordinate hunt around the play ground. In addition, we got creative and put our continents and oceans on to a paper plate and created artwork inspired by Mathew Cuisick. Take a look below:

Well done Charlotte, Autumn and Michael for completing your minutes on Lexia. Also, a big well done to Jacob and Gerardas, who have completed all of their sessions on TT rockstars! I am so proud of you all!

As a class we have now read over 150 books on EPIC! Well done everyone in 5SW, keep reading!

River themed work in 5SW.

Hello everyone the Sing up Song of the Week is- Be the change – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK-edW7TSOk

This week in 5SW, we have finished our comparative reports, which compared the river Amazon to the river Aire. The children completed these independently and then chose how they would like to present them. Have a look below at some of the examples.

Tom chose to compare the features like this.
Autumn included some pictures in her report.

Well done Charlotte Autumn and Michael for completing all their minutes on Lexia – I am so impressed with you all!

Another big well done to Autumn, Jacob, Michael and Gerardas for completing all of your sessions on TTrockstars.

Also a big well done to all the children who have been reading on EPIC! As a class we have read over 50 books this week!

Updates from 5SW

In 5SW this week, we have continued to look at the river Aire and the river Amazon and created a comparative explanation of both of the rivers. The children included some key facts and statistics, interesting openers and brilliant linking conjunctions in their writing.

Here is a section of Gerardas’ work: Perhaps lesser-known, the River Aire has 40 bridges. This amount of bridges is in fact, 40 more than the River Amazon. It is possible to create a bridge along the River Amazon, but due to a lack of roads, no-one has done so yet. Similarly, the highest points in both rivers is the mouth. Despite the River Amazon being the second longest river in the world, it has the largest volume of water. This is due to the River Amazon being wider and deeper than the River Nile. However, the River Aire isn’t even the longest river in the UK.

Autumn has also completed some brilliant work this week, here is an extract of her writing: Weaving through the centre of Leeds, the River Aire flows steadily from the source Malham Tarn. The upper reaches of the river are in a deep trough like valley known as Airedale. You can see that the river has been canalised, which means that barges can pass through the city of Leeds. The River Aire is a key feature of the city’s landscape.

Autumn also completed a diagram of the river Aire’s journey.

While in school this week, the children and I had a nature themed week, it was very exciting indeed. If you want to complete some of the activities we did be sure to take a picture and send it to me!

At the beginning of the week we researched an animal and created a poster, presentation or pic collage. There are some examples below!

Next, we went scavenging around the school grounds and collected natural resources to make a collage. Take a look!

Later in the week, we went bird watching and created a bar chart to represent the number and types of birds we saw.

If you have completed any nature themed activities make sure you send me a picture so I can celebrate these on the blog!

Amazing work in 5SW

In 5SW this week, we have delved deeper into our topic of rivers and consolidated our knowledge of the features of a river and its journey – take a look at what else we have been doing.

Gerardas and his brother, received some new arrivals this week – they got their own guinea pigs. How exciting and how CUTE!

A big well done to Autumn, Jacob, Charlotte and Michael for completing all of their minutes on Lexia – keep up the great work!

Another big well done to Charlotte, Autumn and Gerardas for completing all of your sessions on TTRockstars!

Maths practice for finding missing angles.

This week in year 5, we looked at finding some missing angles. These were on a straight line, inside a triangle and around a point. If you were struggling with these questions here are some posters to help you. Some simple tips to remember are: angles around a point always add to 360 degrees, angles inside a triangle always add to 180 degrees and angles on a straight line always add to 180 degrees. Who can complete a maths challenge below?

First week back.

This week marks the start of a new half term; our final half term in 5SW, WOW time is going by so quickly.

We are moving on from our topic of Ancient Egyptians to Rivers. This week we have begun exploring the River Aire and the River Amazon, it is amazing how very different they are, we have mapped their journey and identified the key features of all rivers.

Although we are now leaving the Egyptians behind, some of us have got creative over the half term and investigated the Egyptians further. Michael mummified a Tomato to better understand the mummification process and Jasmeet created her own 3D pyramids – well done you two!

This week in Science we began to look at the life cycle of humans, here are some great drawings of the life cycle from Hasini, can you spot which stage is missing?

In French we began looking at verbs, here is Michael completing his French homework.

In RE we looked at doing the right thing and created posters to encourage others. Here are posters from Lana and Charlotte.

A big well done to Charlotte, Autumn, Tom and Ben for completing their minutes on Lexia. Keep up the good work!

Well done to Ashton G and Michael, who have completed all of their sessions on TT Rockstars.

What a final week of the half term!

WOW – I can’t quite believe that we have reached the end of another half term. I have been so proud of all the children in 5SW, who have coped so well with the change in their learning during these unprecedented times. Most children have consistently completed all home learning and some have even gone the extra mile and completed additional tasks. Well done!

Inspired by all the great Egyptian work happening in 5SW, in school this week we have also delved into the lives of the Egyptians. Take a look at some of the activities we completed…

We created our own pyramids using plastercine, lego or recycled cardboard.

We had a go at the mummification process and mummified a tomotato! We even made our own natron salt!

We used pastels and black paper to recreate the sunset skyline behind the pyramids.

Well done Autumn, Charlotte, Ben and Jacob for completing your minutes on Lexia.

Well done Michael, Gerardas and Autumn for completing all your sessions on TTRockstars.