We had an amazing sports day in 5W, all children completed in a range of activities and there are lots of photos of all the fun we had. Activities included track races, tag rugby (king of the court), relay hockey, chest push, skipping relay… and so much more! Take a look below!

Marvelous Malham!

This week, we enjoyed our first school trip of the year (yay). We ventured to Malham Cove to further our understanding of rivers, specifically the River Aire, and undertake some river fieldwork. We were very lucky with the weather, the sun was shining, and we were able to complete a number of activities, including; river study, river sketching, observing animals and plants and of course….climbing Malham Cove. The children absolutely loved the trip (as did the adults) and they learnt so much!

Refugee and Healthy Eating week in 5W!

It has been another busy week in Year 5, as it has been both Healthy Eating Week and Refugee Week. We have enjoyed zoom calls with speakers from The National Archives and Amnesty International. In which, we built upon our knowledge of refugees and looked at sources to decipher what children from the Basque region may have experienced when they were evacuated in 1937. The children enjoyed these talks very much and really applied their historical enquiry skills – they made their teachers very proud. In addition, the children made Chapatis, which helped them to understand the process of making food from other cultures and allowed them to practise their kneading and rolling skills in DT.

Take a look at the children making Chapatis!

Here are some photographs of the children enjoying the tasks and the workshop delivered by a spokesperson for The National Archives!


This week, we have loved finishing our forces topic before delving into our new topic of life cycles.

First, we looked at water resistance and the effect it has on objects moving through water – we noticed that the more streamlined an object, the less water resistance. Therefore it is able to move quickly through the water. We then completed an investigation, looking at different shapes of a boat and made predictions about which boat would be able to glide through the water the quickest. The children then had a go at making their own boat! Such fun!

After that, we begun our new science topic – life cycles! We dissected a plant and looked at its features, making a note of the male and female parts that allow a plant to reproduce and so continue its life cycle. Take a look!


Throughout this half term, the children have become immersed in the Ancient Egyptians and have loved learning about them, their society and their beliefs. They were all asked to research and Egyptian God and present it however they wished, they then had the opportunity to share this with the class. The year 5 team are so impressed with what they have produced – take a look!


We have had an imaginative and creative week in 5W this week, we have delved into the Ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices and reflected on our topic (migration) and thought about how feathers and birds are a symbol of freedom, peace and justice. Take a look at what we have been up to below!

First, we explored a remake of Tutankhamun’s tomb and analysed some of the sources found inside, making a note of all the things we could learn about the pharaoh and the Ancient Egyptians – take a look below:

We then learnt about the mummification process and completing the steps ourselves.

Step 1 – Wash the body and remove the brain (ewwww)

Step 2: Remove the organs and place in the canopic jars

Step 3: Dry the body in natron salt for 40 days and prepare the death mask

Step 4: Wrap the mummy in dried linen (or in our case – toilet roll)

Step 5: Add any lucky amulets and the death mask and you have yourself a mummy!

In Art, we reflected on the process of migration and how this can be represented through birds and their lack of boundaries, we then created observational drawings of wings and feathers – the results were amazing! Take a look!

What a busy week in 5W!

Wow – we have had a busy week full of learning and fun in 5W this week. We started the week by learning all about the Ancient Egyptian pyramids, their purpose, their significance and how they were built. We then created our own pyramid fact files.

We also played a fun homophone quiz to help us with our spellings – some of us were super at using the clues to help us guess!

We got creative in DT, with our Egyptian themed toys! We learnt about cams, axles, frame structures and used our sawing techniques to create our toy, take a look below:

We finished the week with two presentations from Yawar and Lawand and Nura and Zura on Ramadan and Eid – they were fabulously researched and presented. Thank you for sharing and well done!


This week, we are so proud of our two classmates Jake and Zara, who represented year 5 in the school spelling bee. They did amazingly well and reached the ‘final, final’ and encountered some really tricky words; the rest of the class were watching the spelling bee live and cheering for their classmates while having a go themselves. Well done super spellers in 5W!

Kitty is also a superstar in 5W this week, as she has won a competition held by a local residents’ association, which asked for children to create a design to be painted on a media/electricity box in Alwoodley. Kitty came first and her design will be painted on a box in Alwoodley. We are so proud of your artistic skills Kitty! Take a look at her design below:

Fun in maths and science!

In maths this week, we have undertaken the challenge of learning how to use protractor for the first time. The children have risen to the challenge and we have played some fun games to practise our skills. Take a look at the children playing a game in pairs below:

In science, we have been exploring forces – this week we focused on gravity and air resistance and completed an experiement to find out how the size or the material of a parachute affects the speed of the descent. Take a look below:

Congratulations to Zara and Jake who will be representing year 5 in the school spelling bee – good luck!!

Performing our model text – Coral Ocean

Throughout school, we have adopted a new approach to teaching and learning in writing. We are internalising a model text which we will then innovate and make our own. Take a look at the children in 5W performing our text Coral Ocean. This story is a character change story, where the main character (Amira) is in a bad situation at the start of the text but by the end her situation has changed. Take a listen!